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Love this post.

I think intuition is one of the wonderful gifts bestowed on us from the feminine "void" space and it is so important to recognize when to rest from the masculine "rational" mind that can become characterized by over-doing instead of listening.

So, from chaos comes order. From inaction, comes action. From big picture, comes small steps towards a goal and if we balance these dualities, we align closer to our mission or reason for being in this life.

The problem comes when trying to modulate monetizing creativity or the belief that productivity is equated to success. Intuition is a much slower process, but it is also the barometer for what has quality in artistic expression.


Thanks so much for sharing, Carrie. I resonate with intuition coming from the void (feminine energy) and informing what we create/actions we take (masculine energy), working in balance. When out of balance with the masculine, we can get feelings of meaninglessness and disconnected over-working. When out of balance with the feminine, we get great ideas with no implementation. I feel that it is both working together in a dynanmic balance gives us a way to create value (and make money) doing purposeful, centered, creative work.

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