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Your thoughts here are, as always, important and insightful. Most all of us are likely to have struggled with confidence when we face uncertainty at the scale of 2020.

At times, I think we start to distrust our own perceptions.

Part of venturing into discovery - seeking the potential of generative engagement - is taking risk. And I'd argue our tolerance for risk these days has trended lower - !

But I agree with you, we have to put ourselves out there. Take those chances. Sometimes it's a bias for trust, or 'benefit of the doubt' in our chance encounters. For me, it's been the chance to get to know neighbors at level I wouldn't have otherwise. And LinkedIn connections have proven a fertile ground for new ideas, and a global network of friends to brainstorm them -

I hope you are faring well, under the circumstances. Again, many thanks for the on-going inspiration - !!

Chris | Charlotte NC


Love everything you said, Chris. Thanks you! Yes, we are more risk adverse these days. It is my deep hope that seeing through the lens of discovery is one of the ways to help make taking smaller steps, or smaller risks, easier during these challenging times. I'm feeling more urgency than ever with doing that, and supporting others in doing that, so we can all contribute to a more life-giving future.

Great to hear form you! Hope all is well.

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