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Lynette Jensen

Michelle, thank you, I agree. Marketing, and even advertising, is just communication, and the drive to communicate with each other is very strong in human beings. It helps us all cooperate and keeps us safe.
So, if as you say, what we are marketing is genuine, whether it's a product or ourselves, it can be a natural extension of our enthusiasm and authenticity.


Thanks Lynette. I had to make some internal shifts to be able to really own that it is an extension of our highest service - as long as it is consciously centered in it. I like how you connect it with keeping us safe.

Monisha Mittal

Love your line, "what's in it for we." I really appreciate the 'turn around' you provide on marketing. I never thought of that. I have always valued marketing as a skill set but turned away at a young age based on what I perceived as exploitative outcomes for corporate goals. Your post helped open an important door here. Thank you.


Thanks so much, Monisha. Took me a while to let go of the ways I had commonly seen it being used - and all my own beliefs about what is means to market something - to embrace integrating it in a new, generative way.

Connie Ridgway

I'm interested in helping with the Creative Emergence conference in which you said you needed helpers who then attend with no charge. I tried your link and it didn't work, so hope this gets to the right place.

Connie Ridgway, small business owner
Whole-person Counseling, Training for Therapists

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