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Franis Engel

My favorite creative tip book with really useful experiments on how to expand the ability to perceive creatively: "Playful Perception - Choosing How to Experience Your World" by Herbert L. Leff


Thank you, Franis! I haven't read that one. I went to Amazon and after reading this description, it's on my to-read list: "This book is comprised of black and white photos of various scenes. The text offers questions for you to look at some of the photos, and the intention is to view a scene from many differing, or even opposing angles and viewpoints. Among the book's objectives is to direct how many diverging views may be shown, based on, say, age, gender, or job status. You can browse through it, or read it from start to finish, and you very likely will view or experience these photos in different ways after each viewing." Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for sharing! Seems a shame that so few are written by women.


My pleasure, Melinda. Hope you find some that you like.

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