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Tom Graves

Nicely put. :-)

Also convocation: to call together. (We don't seem to have the word 'convoke': perhaps we should? :-) )

In the classic magical tradition, 'to invoke' was to call a spirit within oneself, to experience it as [part of] oneself; whereas 'to evoke' was to call it outward sufficient for _others_ to experience it as well. This has strong links with the improv traditions as well: for example, see the section on Masks in Keith Johnstone's 'Impro'.


Awesome insight, Tom! Yes to 'convocation'...and love the connection to Johnstone's Impro. I loved that book and had not put that together...thank you!


I love this diagram Michelle, Can I repost this article to my blog?


I will ofcourse give citations and a link to your blog.


Tim, sure - Im honored! :-)

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