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Beautiful. Thanks.

Then find
Share whys and thanks
then find


Yes, yes! Thank you Bernd! And use whole-brain ways to cultivate more levels as you go...

Lowell  Nerenberg

Many years ago I was in an "est" course created by Werner Erhard and Fernando Flores. They introduced the terms "Conversation for Possibility" and "Conversation for Action." Many people I've worked with have gained a powerful insight from this simple distinction. The former is described succinctly by your post. When I get into the "how" or "action" stage too quickly I can rain all over my emerging, exciting parade. You've described a powerful way to begin to form great outcome. Thank you, Michelle.

Rpbin Horton

Yes, and, whoa! Love these bits of positive inspiration and reminders of your terrific training!


Thank you both, Robin and Lowell!

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