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Ralf Lippold

Annalie - a lovely interview with so much truth:-)

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

I love the co-creative energy of this piece. The exquisite language, overflowing with alliterations and analogies, epitomizes creativity. The new paradigm is LIFE - yes, ma'am! What is life but the creative impulse: the fullness, richness and wholeness of it all. Our potentialities are exploding as we awaken to our own powers.

Annalie is an example of catalyzing new leadership because she's creating a new story, where the protagonists are co-creators; the language is life-affirming, generative and inspirational; the tools allow for connection, playfulness and experimentation. The experience becomes one of personal contribution, expanded relationships and active participation, and the outcome: a flourishing future for all.

Paul Cooper aka @longboardfella

Annalie - this is a great interview and expresses the blending of work and play in such a positive way. It is scary for many people to have so much blurring of previously hard boundaries, but you have demonstrated how to make life innovative and worth DREAMing about. Keep on the cultivating the courage ;)

Hilary Corna

What a fantastic convolution of new-age modernity with old-age principals. At my work with Toyota, the good managers that made The Toyota Way culture so strong were those that were coaches and catalysts. The individual does have a responsibility to remain curious, unfortunately, this is the hard part: for all individuals to be aware and acknowledge what they are curious in. Thank you for this, Annalie. It is a beautiful message.

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