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Scott McCulloch

Great post - I agree, whole brain thinking is key to generating new options, greater creativity, and getting 'unstuck'. The integration techniques you've listed are great (I particularly like getting away from lined paper and doing a little mindmapping!). You might also be interested in the JOG Your Right Brain™ process - http://www.jogyourrightbrain.com - I've recently created an online application for using the technique in a one-on-one coaching context (we've got a small group of coaches trained and beta testing it now, myself included). It's a projective technique that bypasses the logical, rational left-brain processing and taps into the right-brain processing and subconscious awareness -- we sometimes call it an 'a-logical amplifier' -- thus opening up new areas to explore when considering specific topics being assessed.

Michelle James

Thank you, Scott. I look forward to checking it out further. Seems like we are inspired by a similar muse - both in whole brain creativity and depth psychology :-)


M/F teams are critical to innovation & organizational development. If you want a growing company, unisex departments are not the way to go. However there are whole brained thinking characteristics which do bother me: the ability to drive up to a green light and stop & purchases made 'because they are on sale'... but no.. haa, that's not whole brain thinking, is it... forget I said anything.. (~;

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