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Kathy McGuire

Thanks, Michelle, Spencer is exactly talking my language. I have a model for Creative Edge Organizations, http://www.cefocusing.com/isthisyou/3a1a.php , which feeds simple self-help skills for accessing the Creative Edge, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening into every level of organization, making a "culture of creativity the heart of business (and home!). For me, creativity comes from the "intuitive edge," the bodily-felt "something without words" that contains past/present/future imaginings just waiting to be articulated. My website for Creative Edge Focusing is packed with free self-help skills, articles, and models for collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, and a culture respecting the "pauses" for quiet Intuitive Focusing needed for the creation of truly innovative ideas.


Thanks, Kathy. Awesome! Great to meet someone inspired by a similar muse!

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