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Kathy McGuire

Great diagram. If you haven't already included Gendlin's Focusing method (www.focusing.org) for accessing implicit knowledge, you can find my simple, self-help version, Intuitive Focusing, on my website for Creative Edge Focusing. The Creative Edge is the actual, present, bodily-felt intuitive Edge for any individual in any situation. Careful attention to this "something-more-than-words," especially when accompanied by Focused Listening by another, facilitates the unfolding of new ideas and intuitions, unsticks emotional and creative blocks, allows access to the underbelly of interpersonal conflicts, and facilitates the emergence of Win/Win solutions in collaborative decisionmaking. Two simple self-help skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, applied throughout organizations and carried over to the home. Many free resources.


Thanks, Kathy!

Keith Harmeyer

Excellent visual, Michelle! For those interested, here's a link to our recent post on convergent/divergent thinking: http://tinyurl.com/26msjkv Thanks for sharing with us!

Michelle James

Thanks Keith. Great blog post! For those reading here, check out Keith's clear description of divergent and convergent thinking.


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