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Monisha Mittal

Dear Ms. James,

I have been wanting to comment on this honor for a few weeks but was delayed by deadlines and the holidays. My heart is beaming for you, congratulations! I saw what he wrote and i love that he captured the depth and sacredness with which you approach your work, your clients, your undertaking. i wanted to share also, i happened to kick off the holidays watching ratatouille. there is a soliloquy at the end, by peter o'toole. I wonder if you know it. it is a soliloquy about artists and creativity and in essence, the emergence process. He says "The new (pause for dramatic effect) needs friends." YOU are that friend to the new. you have been for me. and many others i am sure. let me know if you need my help in locating it or hearing it, ok? i sense you'd appreciate it. continued fullness to you, Monisha


Thanks so much, Monisha! It has been a joy working with you!!!

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