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mary kearns

Fascinating article! I did my doctorate in psychology during the Decade of the Brain, and took every neuroscience course offered in my program, so have an affinity for all things brain related. It's amazing to hear stories like that of Jill Bolte Taylor, which underscore the incredible plasticity of even the adult brain. It's encouraging to hear that we're never too old to grow and learn!

On a completely different note, I wanted to pass along a blog meme to you. If you have the time and the inclination, it would be great if you could join in. I realize that it may not fit with the theme of your blog, so I will not be offended if you choose not to perpetuate it. Mainly, it was a way to let my readers know about your rich and interesting blog!

For specifics, please see the post: http://stellarself.typepad.com/becoming_your_stellarself/2008/04/pass-it-along.html

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