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Angel Williams

Saw the 4 hour video. He makes complete sense and I am. I realize what I am and who I am. That changes everything. I am part of the All and I am the All. How pretty is that. Just recently I had a Vision at night, were I saw the universe within my brain. Since we use only about 10%, I wouldn't doubt there is so much more to discover. Now I have to get rid of all the QP and QM stuff on my site and add this new theory which makes perfect everything around us. I know also were it leads to and I can actually see another dimension. I am the player or players and the observer simultaneously.


This is pretty impressive work by Nassim and as he states it's all really instinctive, obviously since each point contains the whole.


Just getting to these comments now...thanks for sharing that, Angel. What a generative vision! Yes, I also believe there is so much more discover when we come from more of out brain...and our selves...


Thanks for your comment, Uhideiseek. I love his work...and still have much to learn about his theories.


I also watched the 8 hour video, and it is amazing, the funny thing is that all that he said I already knew deep in my mind. It was like listening again in this life. Since I was a little boy I knew that there was something wrong with the info that we were been told, from school to governments, it was obvious to me that they were and are not telling us many important things.

Mark carter

This man is awsome, one of the best!! Mark Carter

Liara Covert

You only ever invite into your scope of awareness those things you are willing to embrace and accept on a mroe conscious level. To be aware of Nassim Haramein speaks for itself.

Louis in Miami

Please read ,The Urantia Book. It 'revealed, over 70 years ago a cosmology of a hyperbolic universe and an ultimate particle that 100 of which make up electrons, protons,etc.These ultimatons have infinity as their center (black hole). This being possible in a toroid geometry of X squared Y squared geometry. It seems Hassim has discovered it and I presume that the scientific community will fight this tooth and nail. After all , thousands of careers and billions of dollars are at stake. Perhaps the house of cards that is theoretical physics is blowing in the wind. Also, check out this brilliant guy in Germany, Peter Plichta. He has good ideas regarding prime numbers and the order of the Universe.


Serg: I also loved that 8-hour video and find his work to be important! Laira: Thank you :-) Louis. Thanks...an old boyfriend introduced me to the Urantia Book many years ago and I really enjoyed it. Might be great to revisit again after having a variety of experiences that give me a more expanded context form which to engage the book. I don't know of Peter Plichta and look forward to checking out his work.

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